Thursday, July 8, 2010

Trust Me, I'm Psychic

I sleep with a battery-operated night light on
in case I should wake in the middle of the night
and get paralysed with fear of the dark.

I keep the windows open and the curtains drawn back
in case there would be suffocation in the room
the fresh air will come to my rescue.

I go to bed with a pillow on my side
in case I should wake from a nightmare
I could hold it tight for comfort
or a worse case, it would prevent me
from falling off the bed.

I put a jug of water at my bedside
should I wake up to a drought-like condition in the world
at least I wouldn't die of thirst.

I keep some lavender oil under my pillow
in case sleep escapes me
it's supposed to cure insomnia.

Yet these worries keep me so occupied
so instead I sit on the front stairs
and count the stars in the night sky.


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