Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Road To Her Dreams

The night was dark
not a star in sight
but her hair reflected the sliver
The sliver of silver
that hung in the sky
while the wind caused the grass to quiver
Her gown was torn
her feet were bare
but in a steady gait she carried on
On towards the hills
and the lakes and the vale
where all her dreams were born
She hurried her step
then broke into a run
then stopped dead in her tracks
Skin hitting gravel
Pain shooting through
blood seeping out of the cracks
She moved on again
egged on by her dreams
and happiness farther in sight
She smiled to herself
as she neared her goal
on that dark and starless night


  1. You are very good at creating images for the reader to "see". Great stuff.

  2. I feel that is why writing is called an art. thanks for appreciating...


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