Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mia Needs To Vent...

Okay so I"m back... Needed to vent maybe, this place has always been comforting.
So a few days back someone I liked, respected, maybe even loved cut me down real bad. I'll recover but I lost all respect for that person. Here's the answer to what you accused me of.... 

I've been accused of being contradictory,
Of being confused about my own identity.
I ask you, critic of my soul,
Does the bubbling water boil itself?
Does the branch sway of it’s own accord?
Is life supposed to be static?
The Earth unmoving in its orbit?
The answer hides in obvious sight.
Compassion makes me believe.
Naivety makes me second-guess.
Hope keeps the optimism lighted.
Despair brings out the pessimism.
I may be unsure in what I do
But I still remain the pursuer of truth.
I’m half done yet.
Not yet complete.
Please reserve you judgment
Till I’m ready.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Taste of Freedom

Exams over. End of College. *phew*
Nothing to do and yet so many pending tasks.... but first I have to nurse my bruised ego... owing to my softie heart.......... *sigh*

This song is gonna work on me now... Maybe cure my frustration because.... Thats exactly what the person who hurt me should be saying.... So here it goes... Pump up the volume... and torture the replay button!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Persian Poetry Passion

I think this persian verse by Rumi sums up my life quite precisely......... Here goes:

Karsaz e ma bafikre kar e ma
Fikre ma dar kar e ma azaare ma

Translates as:

My Creater is busy in taking care of all my affairs... So my worrying about my matters is only an unnecessary pain....

Beautiful na? =']
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