Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sugar Surge

I am totally high on sugarrrr right now. High enough to touch the moon, high enough to get admitted to the ICU when I fall down. Ooookay, so I am sitting on the floor, looking out the window with glucose flooding my blood and random crap flooding my brain. Hmmm so let’s analyze the random crap:

I got a pocketful of sunshine, I got a love and I know that it’s all mine.

*(ahem ahem, sunshine? In my pocket? Puh-leeze! Natasha Beddingfield’s cheesy motivational song. I don’t know whether my love is all mine…. That’s because I don’t have a love. Go figure. And I’d rather have moonshine in my pocket, it’s more exciting =P)*

Parametric functions

*(AAAARRRGGHH!! Math! I. Hate. Math. Absolutely hate it! Enough said?)*


*(My sheep be so adorable =D. No, I’m not taking shepherding as a career choice, nor am I making a business out of selling wool. My sheep are the ones on my cell phone display. Yup, I got me a new wallpaper. Fluffy, white, dumb-looking sheep on a bright green patch of grass. Cuuuute!)*

Whataya want from me

*(Once upon a time I didn’t give a damn but now… here we are… so Whataya want from me…
This isn’t random and this isn’t crap. Adam Lambert plays pure magic on me. Voice, look, personality, man does he have everything. Just minus the kohl and being gay part. And the song is kind of situational right now. At least the title is…Whataya want from me? That’s a question I’d like to ask a few people at the moment.)*

Pink, Blue, Green, Blue, Repeat

*(I’m doing the embroidery stint these days and that’s the basic color scheme. It’s actually very pretty. The stitch is simple, the colors are fun and surprisingly I’m having fun doing it. Just thinking about the end result is getting me all revved up to finish it quickly.)*

Joe Bloggs

*(My new best friend. That’s on the advice of my SAT guidebook. Joe is an average student who gets the easy questions right and the hard ones wrong. I’m supposed to be his best friend so that I can cheat off his paper, and do exactly the opposite of what he does on the hard questions. Weird, huh? I know.)*

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