Thursday, July 22, 2010

Losing Grip

He reached out in an attempt to grab her before she went too far out; out of his reach, out of his sight, out of his mind. He didn’t fully understand what was happening to him, he was losing memories, losing them faster with every passing moment, with every jump that the second hand took. But he didn’t want to lose her for she was the reason he was coping with this hectic life. She was the bait he was using to pull his life back to normalcy. And he wanted to get there before he became a victim of his own loss of identity.


  1. You lose identity when you start looking at yourself in terms of a part of someone else.. well, a friend once said.. be comoplete in yourself and then get enhanced if you meet someone..

  2. This is really quite good.

  3. Thanks Thom...
    @ Ramesh: i must say your friend is a very wise person...

  4. when you compare that is when you have totally let go of u!

    sad but true!

    profound piece this is

    No More A Victim

  5. Sad to lose connection with even yourself. This was vivid, a little creepy when you think of it in terms of getting older, approaching Alzheimers.

    A lot of sentiment in this. Well done.



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