And We Are...

Mia Mirza:
I am a girl of few words. Don't like to talk much. You can call me an introvert that doesn't apply when I'm writing. I'm a romantic at heart. I fall in love easily, with music, with books, with movies, art pieces, writings, fictional characters and people, of course.

Mia For Khadeeja:
Deja is the sweetest soul I know. Period.

Khadeeja Z.:
Me.... I am a little too sensitive... a little too intense... I hope that doesn't make a bad mix though.....
Um, an idealist at heart, I like to write, read and paint to bring out the best in me. I tend to get obsessively attached to those close to me... also get overwhelmed with worry over seemingly trivial things.
I'm drawn to sad things and live in a fantasy world.

Khadeeja For Mia:
You are an ocean.... "depth unknown" as rightly said by you yourself...... =D
Hmmm. Maryam (Mia).. is one amazing person... who understands the world better than she should! Never falling short of words, she always has the right words to say. =)
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