Monday, February 28, 2011

Sadness is Nothing New

Ahh so.... here I whine on........
College is ending! I cannot believe this.... It's ended so soon.... I feel miserable cuz losing people is my biggest, most horrible fear..... and I know its never gonna be the same again..... Nah dont fool me with all these promises of meeting every fortnight... It wont happen..... cuz we are almost a dozen girls who live in all parts of the city..... There is hardly any hope that all will get together unless we hire a taxi that will pick all of us..... *sigh*

I'd beg you not to go but i know it wont work this time na... *sigh*
Anyhow... Here's a song... that goes out to my besties.... my girls.... who made my college days so very special. Love you like hell yaar! ♥

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tibet Wanderlust

Since the beginning I've been fond of traveling. But my wanderlust for Tibet is undying. Tibet actually means 'heaven'. And sometimes I want to spend my whole life there and not just visit.
What I cannot help loving is the lovely, peaceful landscape of mountains and forests...... its the roof of the world... and quite near too! It feels so perfect its breaking my heart.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And I look on…

The evening has fallen
The stars have brightened
The only path I walk on
Is lined with newly arrived how thorn
How peaceful they look today
Socking in the wind, so gay!
I don’t remember when I saw them last
I shall ask the gardener, if I must
The smell fills me with joy
What a sweet fragrance, oh boy!
The flowers pink and white
Remind me of strawberry delight.
These beauties I think should be left alone
And I must make my way home…

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love, love, love!

*Love is all around me/And so the feeling grows/It is written on the wind/Thats everywhere I go/So if you really love me/Come on and let it show*

So what I'm doing today is listening to cheesy love songs...
Here goes the playlist;

1) Heaven - Bryan Adams
2) Take My Breath Away - Berlin
3) Lady In Red Lyrics - Chris De Burgh
4) Groovy Kind Of Love - Phil Collins
5) Love Is All Around -The Troggs


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Recipe to reduce boredom

I was hell bored so I made this;
Vanilla custard and banana jelly with cream on top. =D

And then Mum made saag (spinach) which I don't eat, so I fixed myself this;
My own version of an Italian omelette and orange juice to wash it down with. =P

Last week I made chane ki daal (grams) which wasn't too bad for a first try. =]
At least Mum said it was tasty even though she spiced it up before serving. 8)

Caught in the Blues

I feel totally dead right now. Don't know whats going on. Its like suffering > depression > frustration > anger. A chain thats more like a vicious circle. I just want to be shaken from this bad, bad dream and feel alive again. And I've been listening to this song on loop... it makes me want to sob and sob... now you judge if this could have made me feel worse. =/

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