Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Of Kaala Joras and Branded Jeans

The title gives a pretty major hint on what this post is about, but it doesn’t say all. Having been to quite a few weddings this season my mind has been reverberating with dholki songs and bhangra music. Pair the former with some ostentatiously dressed khalas and phuppos and a bevy of giggling cousins and you know what will come out on the other end of the equation. Total chaos. Pair the latter with an army of boys in loose kurtas and one or two ‘abhi toh main jawan hoon’ uncles and you get the same result.

Music reigns high on weddings. With countless dholkis preceding the mehndi function and then the mehndi function itself, not to mention all the ‘practice sessions’ for the mehndi, your mind seems to be dancing a jig the whole time on music provided by the cousin who loves pretending to be the desi Tiesto. It’s a lot of fun, but a headache comes with the package as a bonus.

You slip out of the room towards the source of loud thuds and periodical blasts of bass from the woofers. You open the door and are greeted by Imran Khan, the recent bhangra sensation, proclaiming in his auto-tuned voice about a ‘kaali kameez’ wearing girl. This girl, Imran Khan’s muse also has a fetish for branded jeans. Her attire might be the polar opposite of the kaala jora the uncles want the aunties to wear but the music does the same trick, it makes you smile at the absurdity of the lyrics nowadays.

But if it makes one happy, be it because of fond memories or the addictive, foot-tapping music, then who cares if the song wants you to wear a ‘kaala jora’ or a ‘diesel di jean’.

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