Friday, July 2, 2010

Freedom Of Movement

I’ve always been drawn to movement, be it a gymnast practicing or the languid and then furious workings of an artist’s brush on canvas. But something that I rank number one on my list of fascinations is expression through movement. Dance.

Joy, grief, rage, hope, love, lust; there is no emotion that can’t be expressed through dance. The rhythmic movement of limbs is enthralling, enticing. Pair it up with music and it takes you into a completely different world. Dance is a medium used to say things that words cannot express; it takes you deep inside your persona and lets your soul tell its story with the help of your body.

My personal favorite form is contemporary. The freedom of movement this style offers is unsurpassed. The lifts and drops, tumbles and spins make it seem almost like an adventure, what will come next is always a surprise. And the best thing about it is that you can do it on any kind of music available. Rock, blues, metal, pop, soul, jazz, classic or maybe even no music at all, Modern dance is beautiful no matter what the soundtrack.

Maybe this would be the right time to mention that my very own brother, Hassan B. Mirza is good at dance too, the hip-hop kind. Having had absolutely no formal training of any sorts, he’s learnt everything on his own… why not see for yourself…

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