Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gothic Encounter

Mia says: Im obsesed with blood. Its crazy. And weird. Seeing that the sight of it makes me cry. Bt its one of my fascinations. =/

Khadeeja says: K. Ahan, seein ur post, i cud tel. Yuck, id rather faint.

Mia says: Guess thats the goth in me =P

Khadeeja says: U wud be a vampire in ur second lyf.... *ponders* and id lyk to be a were-wolf.

Mia says: Eee we got a twilight thng goin here *groans* leave that for fiction girl.

Khadeeja says: Not fiction, but second lyf. N twilight does the least to influence me. Huh.

N m very scared of this goth in you. *hides face n runs away*

Mia says: I be gentle goth *puppy dog face*

Khadeeja says: Awwee, okay. *face lits up*

Mia says: *toothy smile**fangs slide out* bt i still love blood. Muhahaha

Khadeeja says: Mammaaaa! *eyes wide open*

Mia says: *eyes go red* be afraid. Be verry verry afraid

Khadeeja says: Bad, bad goth! *tears in eyes*

Mia says: I prefer male blood *winks*

Khadeeja says: Ohh. *deep sign of relief* lets be friends then goth, u can do me no harm.

*End Of Conversation*


  1. Haha! I have conversations of this kind often, with my friends! :D

  2. Hehe... The psychic sisters we are!


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