Monday, February 28, 2011

Sadness is Nothing New

Ahh so.... here I whine on........
College is ending! I cannot believe this.... It's ended so soon.... I feel miserable cuz losing people is my biggest, most horrible fear..... and I know its never gonna be the same again..... Nah dont fool me with all these promises of meeting every fortnight... It wont happen..... cuz we are almost a dozen girls who live in all parts of the city..... There is hardly any hope that all will get together unless we hire a taxi that will pick all of us..... *sigh*

I'd beg you not to go but i know it wont work this time na... *sigh*
Anyhow... Here's a song... that goes out to my besties.... my girls.... who made my college days so very special. Love you like hell yaar! ♥


  1. awww...u will hopefully make new frns in ur new endeavours :)

  2. Well good byes are always difficult. But its part of life.

  3. Uh yeah. God give me strength.


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