Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love, love, love!

*Love is all around me/And so the feeling grows/It is written on the wind/Thats everywhere I go/So if you really love me/Come on and let it show*

So what I'm doing today is listening to cheesy love songs...
Here goes the playlist;

1) Heaven - Bryan Adams
2) Take My Breath Away - Berlin
3) Lady In Red Lyrics - Chris De Burgh
4) Groovy Kind Of Love - Phil Collins
5) Love Is All Around -The Troggs



  1. and my song this valentine is PERFECT TWO by auburn:D its lovellyyyyyyy

  2. That picture is making me drool =P

  3. Love the picture, wish the Valentines were as juicy as this!

  4. @Asma... Hmm I'll hear it out then for sure!
    @Mia... How could it not! =P
    @A Great Liar... Thank you. And no; sadly, sadly it wasn't 'juicy' at all. =(

  5. Hi khadeeja...must say u have a very very beautiful mind....i think the whole life wudn't be enough to explore and dwell in its beauty...Im

  6. Hey Sam, welcome to FF. Thanks a bunch for your sweet words! Keep visiting for more. =]

  7. Sure i will khadeeja....the reason for praising u as beautiful is beyond words but can say ur the most beautiful i've ever met....and i love u r blog simply....and ill be coming back again n again

  8. Well, Thank you. *bows* I'm honoured.

    You will be welcome every time. =)


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