Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Summer is Arriving

Yes, really fast. I can feel it in the air and also the shift of sunlight is now clearly visible... from that whitish glare to bright yellow light.

And I am beginning to fall sick. =( I feel weird and I have no idea what is the cause. Maybe the heat has got me feeling low.

I'm finding myself obsessed with this landscape architecture thing. I so want to do it. But don't know if its possible now. =/

And lastly, I want to live here. It's the Maldives.


  1. i don't summer to start again! the weather is so totally sucky right now.
    how come Mia doesn't post here anymore?

  2. I want summer!! I'm tired of wearing my winter outfits =P Why don't I post here anymore.... I really don't know =S

  3. @ Furree... Haha hmm but change is good.
    Um... I dunno... Mia knows best!

    @Mia... Lol thats right as Ive started wearing georgette dresses too....


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