Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tibet Wanderlust

Since the beginning I've been fond of traveling. But my wanderlust for Tibet is undying. Tibet actually means 'heaven'. And sometimes I want to spend my whole life there and not just visit.
What I cannot help loving is the lovely, peaceful landscape of mountains and forests...... its the roof of the world... and quite near too! It feels so perfect its breaking my heart.


  1. wow wow wow

    I am just lost in this picture


  2. wowwiee!
    1- u hav a wonderful blog theme
    2- i hav alwayyyys wanted to go to tibet. once read abt d qanghai tibet railway n evr sinc its bn at d top of my list of places to go. dis post totally reminds me of dat! :)

  3. Wow Sadiya thanks for visiting and the lovely comments... great to know you also fantasize about Tibet.

  4. waa niceee place,,i think the picture is photoshopped though:P its not one picture...or is it?

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  6. @ asma... i really dont know.. =/

    @ Boundlesstech... thanks a lot for the kind words. keep visiting. =]


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