Thursday, August 5, 2010

Love Drunk

It was love at first sight. Just one look at her was like a kick in the gut, hard and potent. She was flawless, exquisite in her beauty. And then she looked at him with those languorous, chocolate brown, dream filled eyes and he felt giddy with excitement about what would happen next. A smile played at her lips and she pawed into her Chanel quilt bag and took out something, but he was transfixed by those pools of brown to notice anything else. She walked up to him, or rather sashayed, and slipped a note into his fingers;
Michelle 1362-935-11 xoxoxoxo in red-is-the-color-of-sin lipstick. Love drunk, that’s what he was, and the hangover beast that would rear its head in the morning would be a mighty big one


  1. I follow this exactly! My wife has brown eyes and does this exact thing to me, this feeling of overwhelmed passion . . . very well summed up and written.

    I really enjoyed this one!

  2. yes, tomorrow will be a beast but tonight...just for tonight...smiles. nice prose...

  3. I do have brown eyes... hmmmm... ;)

    Nice take on the theme!

  4. atleast at the moments of mirage, he felt the feelings of love at first sight. short but very interesting.

  5. Loved it! Last couple of lines - brilliant!

  6. This goes deep. My favorite line is

    those languorous, chocolate brown, dream filled eyes

  7. very good tak on th theme. great writeup..
    do stop by Someone Is Special

    --Someone Is Special--


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