Thursday, August 26, 2010

Equal Intensity

Love and hate.
Equally intense.
Yet polar opposites.
Divided by a fine line
that doesn't take
long to cross.
A single sentence
can pull the trigger
of resentment
causing emotions
to spill over
the other side.


  1. ooo ... quite like this. I reckon love and hate are polar opposites but not each other's opposite. I reckon the opposite of love is disinterest. I reckon the opposite of hate is disinterest. But the opposite of love is not hate. I do agree that both love and hate are capable of an equal intensity. Think of them as a seesaw, with love at one end, hate at the other end all balanced on the fulcrum of disinterest.

  2. oh it is a fine line indeed...great piece...both emotions equally strong like brothers or cousins they each pull at a passion that resides deeply...nice tt!

  3. Love me or hate me, either way you're thinking of me. Is that what you're saying Julie?

  4. oh yes, I agree.. :) a good take on the TT topic, Mia :)


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