Friday, July 8, 2011

Round n' Round

Going round n' round
like in a merry-go-around
Head spinning, mind dizzy
no way to get out of the circle of madness
It gets faster and stops then
picking up speed again
going round n round like a top!

Prompt at Theme Thursday 


  1. life can sometimes seem like that for sure...nice TT

  2. Oh, this can be sooo true!! I am trying to stay off this merry-go-round ... Good one ... especially from the adult aspect of it!

  3. yes Brian, i cant agree more!

    Becca, no matter how hard u try life still manages to throw u on this merry-go-round, so fasten ur seat belt and survive the ride! yes, its more of a figurative perspective here.

    i'm flattered Steve!

    thank you all for your kind visit and valuable feedback!


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