Sunday, July 3, 2011

Of Garlands and Elegance

I somehow seem to have a certain adoration for Victorian fashion. Interestingly, in Victorian England no party dress was complete without a garland of flowers wrapped elegantly around the head throughout a profusion of curls.

I could wear one to every occasion, in every season. But I'll need a fresh supply of flowers quite frequently and also learn how to make a garland, seems easy but knowing the technique is always helpful .One plus, I'd smell of flowers without having to wear perfumes! Awesome much?

Here I found five simple steps to make a headpiece. Enjoy!

1. Allow the flowers to stand in a preservative solution in a cool place for several hours.
2. Measure a piece of floral wire to fit the size of the persons’ head. Allow a little extra at each end. Coiled wire is better for head garlands, because it takes a circular shape. Make a
hook and eye at the ends of the wire. Bind the wire with stem wrap floral tape.
3. Wire and tape the individual flowers and leaves. 
4. Tape the individual flowers and leaves to the taped wire.
5. Add ribbon streamers down the back.


  1. Beautiful little flower head peice; I love them. Thank you for some simple instructions.
    I never realzed how simple one is to make.

  2. My pleasure Bethe! Your kind visit brings me such joy :)

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog :)


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