Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Yearning That Hangs On Still

A shuffling of footsteps.

I look out, but there’s no one.

I try to fall back to sleep, staring up at the sky peppered with stars.

Something warm touches my shoulder lightly.

I look back, but there’s nothing.

I feel my guardian angels presence.

A longing.

A yearning

that hangs on still.


  1. I am a new follower from facebook. I signed up through google as I spend more time there. What beautiful poetry. Do you submit it through good reads, they have contests going on for poetry.
    If you have a chance check me out at http://www.wrighton-time.blogspot.com

  2. Welcome to FF, Wrighton! Thanks for following and complimenting. No, I don't submit thru any website but I post it directly from my head to this blog. =)

  3. And you have an interesting blog there..


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