Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mia Needs To Vent...

Okay so I"m back... Needed to vent maybe, this place has always been comforting.
So a few days back someone I liked, respected, maybe even loved cut me down real bad. I'll recover but I lost all respect for that person. Here's the answer to what you accused me of.... 

I've been accused of being contradictory,
Of being confused about my own identity.
I ask you, critic of my soul,
Does the bubbling water boil itself?
Does the branch sway of it’s own accord?
Is life supposed to be static?
The Earth unmoving in its orbit?
The answer hides in obvious sight.
Compassion makes me believe.
Naivety makes me second-guess.
Hope keeps the optimism lighted.
Despair brings out the pessimism.
I may be unsure in what I do
But I still remain the pursuer of truth.
I’m half done yet.
Not yet complete.
Please reserve you judgment
Till I’m ready.

1 comment:

  1. *paws at window pane to be let in from the storm*
    Is you Oh Kay?


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