Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 03 — Your Favorite Sport

It all began with Euro 2004 when football got the better of me and I became its die-hard fan. Though not much of a fan of the Premier League matches, I can’t think of missing an exciting World Cup or Euro fixture.

I had serious affections with my top favourite countries namely Germany, England, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France and Greece; until Germany made its way to the Euro 2008 finals and lost to Spain. From then on, Spain is out of the list. Call me sentimental or whatever. Then when the French guy head-butted the Greek person, France went out of the list too. Yes, I’m extremely biased. And then all the good guys in the English team played no more, I lost interest in it too. So yeah, here I end up with the short-listed favourites!

My craziness about football doesn’t end here. I have countless pictures, photos, images, desktop wallpapers of my favourite players and for this I’m not prejudiced, preferring the European teams, I have Kaka, Messi, Drogba, Tevez and the like in my collection too.

And as for winning or losing, favourites remain favourites, don’t they?

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