Friday, June 25, 2010

A Memory

I find myself there again. In the most precious treasure in the world - the reserve of memories. I dig out for some beautiful recollection and want to relive it over and over.

Its a memory with that like dream-like quality of a fantasy. I remember fantasizing about it. Its a summer morning, a garden with fresh, crisp grass. Budding flowers of yellow orange and red catch my eye. I hear children laugh and giggle. It is a most vivid recollection. I feel cheerful even though I have never been a morning person, but I'm too into the beauty of the moment than to care for anything else. Little boys and girls are chasing each other in a game. Its a happy world. Perhaps it is, after all, a scene from a childhood storybook.

What ever it may be it, it doesn't fail to bring the same pleasure when relived. That's the best quality of a happy memory.


  1. Hey Dj!!!
    it feels great to read your work after such a long time...

  2. hey! pleasure to see u here. i wrote this at 2am last night. and thanks to you for motivating me, i finally had the nerve to type it here. =)


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